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In order to support an enjoyable environment to communicate in, we have implemented the following rules:
  • You must be at least 18 years of age (or older depending on your local area/laws) to be in any chat room
  • You may not harass or intimidate others
  • You may not seek or solicit minors (those under 18)
  • You may not use all CAPS, it implies yelling and people don't like it
  • You may not post or advertise commercial or pay websites in chat rooms or your bio line
  • You may not post the same or identical message more than twice in 3 minutes (flood the room)
  • You may not broadcast fake cam images/video or videos or movies/porn (only your webcam, of you, live)
  • You may not solicit (cam show for money, sex for money, etc.)
  • You may not direct users to external cam/chat sites (except Skype)
  • You may not discuss, show, broadcast anything related to beastiality
  • You may not discuss, share or encourage others to bypass of our advertising

  • We have made this list as short as possible. We appreciate your right to free speech, but, please also respect these few rules.

    Last updated October 15th 2015.